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Announcement! All contributors must be logged in. If you do not have an account, it is very easy to make one. please keep this in mind. Thank you for your cooperation. (2/24/20)

Announcement! All attempts to ban an account, whether by IP or username, must be proposed to another admin, or else it is not considered legitimate and will be reversed as soon as possible. Please try your best to comply with this rule. Thank you. (2/26/20)

Announcement! In addition to account bans, all attempts to demote a member of the Drotuce are subject to approval of the High Emperor. Failure to comply will result in the demotion being reversed. In addition, please refrain from writing an excessive amount about Beavus. Even if it is negative towards Beavus it is still very distracting to see a majority of some pages about Beavus. Thank you. (2/27/20)

Announcement! Continuing the above announcement, an excessive amount about any one subject on a particular page, such as Beavus or the vandalism policy, is subject to the High Emperor’s approval. Additionally, do not mention punishments (bans, demotions, etc.) on a page’s main section. You can talk about it in the comments, but if a punishment is mentioned in the main section, then the High Emperor will delete it. If at all, only mention it in one sentence. Thank you for your cooperation. (2/28/20)

Announcement! In recent times, you may have heard the government leaders mention something by the name of APERTURE. APERTURE is a rival clan to the Drotuce, with the goal of turning the beavus government into an anarchic system. We recently made major progress in taking down their organization, and it is no longer a major threat to our government. However, if you overhear anyone talking about restoring it, or if you get any information regarding their future plans, please let a High Council member know. Thank you for your time. (3/26/20)

Announcement! When making an edit to this wiki, you are herein mandated to leave an edit summary, whether or not you are a beavus This makes it easier to track what people have been doing to the wiki, and will accelerate our vandalism-prevention efforts. You have 2 weeks to comply with this rule, and after that time any unsummarized edits will be investigated by the government. Thank you for your cooperation. (3/27/20)

Announcement! There is now a new type of category - the “flagging” or “marking” subset. This new set of category - including ! Unlinked pages, ! Pages flagged for cleanup, and several others - is used not for marking what a page is about, but rather flagging a page when it needs improvement, links, etc. When writing a new category under this set, always start it with a !. This will make it easier to find in the category list, as you can simply search for categories starting with exclamation points instead of having to remember the specific name. Because of this, PLEASE beavus create other categories starting with exclamation marks. Thank you for your cooperation. (5/1/20)

Announcement! We now have both a wiki page and GoFundMe for the Drotuce Lodge. See it here: The Lodge