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BOrScHtBoI BOrScHtBoI 7 May 2021

Templates Exist Now :yae:

We now have custom Fandom templates! You can check them out by going to Special:Categories and clicking on the pages listed there. As of right now, I've created three:

1. The Box

Use it or edit it at Template:Box.

2. Non-Canon Start

Check it out at Template:NonCanon

3. Non-Canon End

Find out more about it at Template:NonCanonEnd

Edit: I just realized this might look a bit confusing, so I should probably explain. The Box template is what I call a "config template", or a template that can be used to display whatever you want. In this instance, I used it to display Bigtext: This is a cool template and Smalltext: ikr, but there are many more things you can do with it - including adding images!

Anyway, the NonCanon templates are what I call "immediate …

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Сука ыат Сука ыат 1 May 2020

So my dudes when we making the Drotuce server my dudes

Yeah we we doing this

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BOrScHtBoI BOrScHtBoI 16 April 2020

What Even Is This

Is the blog that thing that they have where people go around asking other people questions and like telling people they can sell turnips on your island for 500 bells and stuff? Because if so, the DRotUCE definitely needs one of those. So here we go, I guess. Hey guys, if you’re reading this, we need to stay in contact during the quarantine, so I think we could do it through this.

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