Drotuce Wiki

The structure of the Drotucian government includes a system of government branches, known as “Houses”. There are six houses, each headed by a member of the High Council of the Drotuce. The six are as follows:

1. The Federal House of Daniel, headed by the High Emperor

2. The Militant/Religious House of Teodore, headed by Emperor Teo

3. The Monetary House of Rider, headed by Emperor Rider

4. The Secretive House of Andrew, headed by High King Andrew

5. The Industrial House of Brian, headed by High King Brian

6. The Propagandistic House of Emir, headed by High King Arber

Each house has a separate role in the running of the country. Every month, the house leaders receive an amount of roubles in proportion to the number of members training in their house to use as funding for their own projects. At the annual Council Conclaves, the house leaders meet to discuss matters of their house and the Drotuce as a whole, as well as to socialize and whatnot.